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This project was created as part of a university assessment, in semester 2 of 2017. We were given creative freedom to create whatever we like, as long as it related to in-class concepts.


Materials Tech

Main Product:


Playthrough Demo:



World 1

With inspirational music playing in the background, I began to paint what-ever came to my mind. This was the whole intention when creating the first world. No planning. Just do. At first, I drew a tree, then the campfire, followed by the mountain landscape. This entire world (except for the orb and coin) was created in Tilt Brush over two days.

Reflecting back on the choices I made, and researching other Tilt Brush creations I found that many others had started the same way. A tree and a campfire. While designing the landscape, I was using the night sky that showed the Milky Way. I strongly believed that this helped to guide my creative direction. While I could not find a direct answer to why these came to mind first, I wonder if it had something with humanities origins. Where we feel our happiness through connection with nature.

The night sky is part of our natural heritage. It is beautiful, it is awe-inspiring and being able to see it is a way for us to connect to the wider universe and understand our place in the natural world,” said Kukula (Davis, 2016).

In order to subvert this expectation, in the final product, I decided to present the sky as a cloudy day around midday. This is the only one of the four worlds to have a daytime sky. This allows this world to provide the player or viewer with a sense of jarring.


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World 2

For this world, I went to the internet to research styles and choices. This highly structured approach is representative of how some people plan out their lives to the smallest of details. This scene was created in Tilt Brush in an afternoon.

The theme that I ultimately went for was the UFO beaming down into a forest. My like for this scene may have a lot to do with my love of scary sci-fi stories, especially from my teenage years. My sources of inspiration are as followed:


I then sketched up a design:

My final concept only differed in two aspects, there was no longer a pillar, and the toadstools were replaced with flowers.


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World 3

For the final world design, I used a combination of inspiration and planning. This choice represents the life balance of going with the flow and structure. To make this combination work, I would spend time in Tilt Brush then walk away to gather ideas to bring back. I took time to think about what I could bring to the Scene. This process took about a week and was built using Blocks for the wall, and Tilt Brush for the garden. (The wall was imported to Tilt Brush after creation and acted as the skeleton of the scene).

The following sources of inspiration helped with designing this scene:



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World 4

It is where the player starts, ends, and travels from world to world. For the design of this, I wanted to portray something like a prison. With bricks below and to the side, and the dark sky above.

They can make the choice to explore or leave through the big, red door. However they cannot leave through the red door initially, and there is no evidence provided as to what is behind the door.


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