Book Cover of Fates Interwoven.
Cover image shows someone sketching in a journal.
Book coming in 2021.

Jaida’s world is turned upside down when she discovers she was never alone. She’d spent millennia documenting humankind’s biggest events for Lachesis, the allotter of fate. With each reincarnation Jaida believed she and the other Archivists walked alone in secret, but Guardians were sent to walk beside them. Protecting them as they recorded history.

During this cycle, Jaida suddenly finds herself being chased down by an unknown enemy who is out to destroy all Archivists. Her Guardian who’d been there for her entire existence finally reveals themself only to be killed moments after. The traumatic events send Jaida spiralling, threating to destroy who she is as a person.

After the loss of his own charge, Ethan finds himself immediately at Jaida’s side. He is struggling to deal with his grief which impacts on his ability to do his duty. It isn’t long until they are joined by another two Guardians and an infant Archivist. As they travel across the south of Western Australia, they slowly start bonding over shared pasts and their grief. Finding family in an unexpected place.

Archivist’s Downfall – Book One