Interactive-narrative VR experience.

A demo of a larger series, you play as Frankie, a supernatural investigator who goes to a small town in search of answers about werewolf sightings.

Interview townsfolk, search for clues, and discover the truth to the rumours.

Game Jams

Created for GMTK Game Jam 2021.

Solo project | 3D Puzzle Platformer.

Created for Global Game Jam 2021.

Team project | 2D adventure game.

Created for Global Game Jam 2020.

Team Project | Interactive Narrative.


2021 – Creating an interactive walking simulator using Synty Packs within Unity.

2021 – Creating a 2D game where I learned animation and 2D game creation in Unity.

2021 – Playing around with the mini game maker, Bitsy, created by Adam Le Doux.

2018 – My first personally made 3D modelled room using Maya that I turned into a VR experience.

2017 – Twine interactive narrative that helped me to build on my programming skills.