Anxious Minds (2018)

Creative Jam 2018: Winner of “Best Overall Design Experience”

This virtual reality (VR) project was created within a group during the Creative Jam 2018 held at the Curtin Makerspace. This challenge was held over 4 days and included workshops, mentorship and time to jam away. Following the theme of Mental Wellbeing, our group designed a VR experience that would present the user with symptoms of Anxiety in order to help them to gain an understanding of what it was like.

The experience took the user through a triggering event that would then create audio confusion, visual distortions, and our hope was to provide haptic feedback as well, though technical issues prevented us from using this within the timeframe given.

Everyone contributed to brainstorming the ideas and what we should create. My main role in this project was to design the two levels. This involved acquiring assets, in which I used TurboSquid and my own creations. I feel it was worth noting that I did have to clean a lot of the objects that I downloaded. I also applied different textures to try and make them feel a little more original. Once assets where collected, I then began building the rooms within the scene. This was then passed on to the programmer to make the scenes interactive.

The roles
Producer:  Monique Hammond
Programmer: Jamie Dougall
Level Designer: Rebecca Kerr