Certitude Title Page

Certitude (2020)

Certitude Title Page

Role: Lead Game Designer
and Co-Writer.

Funded by Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program through Curtin University, Certitude is a web-based, 2D game that has been designed to develop digital and information literacy amongst its players.

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Through the game, players are introduced to the importance of referencing, cross-checking information and keeping an eye on details to assist in real-world research situations. The game takes advatage of narrative and rewards to engage the user throughout the 4 levels.

I took inspiration from the games ‘Headliner,’  ‘Papers, Please,’ and ‘Orwell,’ as they take players through mundane tasks while keeping them engaged. Level One is designed as an introductory level, that presents two simple tasks for players to perform. And then, Levels Two and Three increase the number of tasks, while the final level, Level Four, focuses a little more on narrative. Feedback is provided to the player via an in-game monetary system that allows them to buy items for their office, as well as through narrative via dialogue in the office scene and via emails within the desktop scene.

Play the game: certitude.ourplaylab.com